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Rebuild Telegraaf with React, GraphQL and Django API layer

Team lead Telegraaf Telegraaf

" What immediately struck me working with André was his great passion for creating quality software and infrastructure. Skilled at both high-level architecture design and software engineering, he inspires those around him to broaden their view and work to the same high standards. " —Roberto Kok, Senior Backend Developer at TMG source Open in new tab
During my time as Team Lead for Telegraaf I've lead 2 scrum teams rebuilding Telegraaf.nl. In an agile fashion we build a completely new stack based on our core service API's. We started with a clean slate and designed a new infrastructure which would replace our 10+ years old website and mobile apps. The outcome was a progressive web application using React and GraphQL. The native iOS and Android applications reuse the same backend as the web app simplifying our application landscape and data flow.