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Static marketing site with Gatsby and GraphQL

Frontend developer Tellow

The marketing website was too slow and in need of a redesign.

Design and UX

New designs were implemented using a static SPA which was generated by the Gatsby framework. The new seupt felt like a major performance improvement from the start, it scaled well to a real-world application.

For styling I used Styled Components, typography.js and PostCSS.

We wanted to have seperation of consern for our blog-posts, so we chose a headless CMS. The blogs were migrated from the old CMS to the headless Prismic CMS.


Tellow is very focussed on data-driven development so in the process of implementing the redesign I integrated Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, GDPR-compliance and Google-Analytics amongst others.


With a serverless Google Cloud role running an Apollo GraphQL-service, the website is able to accept user input.