Every web developer creates tests and demo’s to learn about new technologies. These tests, unfortunately, are rarely published which is a pity. Take a look at some tests I recently made below, I hope they inspire and motivate you.

iPhone CSS3 Reflection test

A girl

This is a demo I made for the iPhone, but should also work in Safari. If you hover any of the pictures it should become semi-transparant. When testing the reflection capabilities of the webkit-engine it supprised me that I didn’t find any bugs. However, I can’t say the same thing about border-radius. In the following test you will see how reflection mimics the original perfectly, it even reflects the bugs of border-radius very nice ;)

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#iPhone #reflection #CSS3 #opacity #reflection #demos

iPhone Carousel test

Dancing people

This is a demo I made to test the webkit CSS 3D transform and animation features. I used as little as javascript as possible to fully test these new features. On an iPhone you can also interact with this widget by tapping and dragging.

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#iPhone #carousel #CSS3 #3d #transform #animation #box-shadow #opacity

Cross browser custom TinyMCE implementation

Richt text editor

For I implemented a customized version of TinyMCE. With this Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG) customers can make their own advertisements from scratch. No need for a design studio, it’s fully self service. With a subset of HTML and CSS send from the client to the server, the backend generates a PDF and a preview-jpg. You can view the demo here (dutch only).

#javascript #framework #RichText #RTE #XHTML #editor #PDF #WYSIWYG #speurders

Javascript Framework

TMG Javascript framework

For the Telegraaf (TMG) I developed a lightweight Javascript Framework to simplify the development process. Because not everybody completely understands the difference between browsers it’s hard to create cross-browser javascript. Now my colleagues and I spend more time creating nice applications and less time debugging. One example of the TMG-Javascript Framework is the live soccer-widget on

At this moment and make use of my Javascript framework.

#javascript #framework #frontend #development #Web 2.0 #widgets #Telegraaf #speurders

JSON Lazy loading

Lazy loading in firebug

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It’s faster and often easier to generate and evaluate than XML. For Speurdersindekrant I created a plugin on the TMG-javascript framework for easy processing. Now the my-account page loads much faster and “lazy loads” the different modules on the page. With the server-side Java-class is a matter of minutes to create advanced dynamic widgets. To check this out create an account on

#json #client #server #faster #XML #speurders #lazy #asynchronous

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