André Lambert going to work by public transport
André Lambert


My name is

André Lambert.

I am a freelance full stack developer and solution engineer living in Alkmaar in the Netherlands with my girlfriend and our daughter.

I like spending quality time with my family, we often sail our sloop over the beautiful canals of Alkmaar. We have a house in the city center where we often go out. Occasionally I need to get my hands dirty while gardening, but I like to work on my online garden community TuinTuin even more 😉

In my professional carreer I’ve been building websites for enterprises and startups, mostly business to consumer. My passion is to create websites where people love to come back to, and make them feel involved. Making the site fast, good looking with friendly user interaction is what drives me. I love to dive into code and make it better, especially Javascript and Python. If you like, you can download my full resume.

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